Connecting around a shared purpose

Inspire impactful employee engagement

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  • 8 years of accumulated insights from 300+ companies 
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Kiva corporate social responsibility initiatives engage your people on a deeper level

300+ partnerships

for more than $156 million in impact around the world

650,000+ connections

through record-breaking employee engagement

3x the impact

of traditional giving campaigns with streamlined relending

Voted Best Employee Engagement Initiative in 2022

Through a custom-tailored partnership, Kiva and Visa succeeded in deepening employees’ connection to the mission — and to each other as a distributed team.

Kiva and Visa received a 2022 Halo Award for their partnership

“Programs like this that support underserved communities around the world make me proud to work at Visa. It is a big part of the reason why 
I plan to remain here until I retire.”

– Visa Employee

Partners in purpose


Employee engagement programs tailored to your team, mission, and goals

With an initial investment as low as $50k, every Kiva partnership starts with a strong foundation for success:

Easy to use platform that enables a real-world impact in just 5 clicks

Simple, scalable programs that connect remote and local teams

Ready-to-use and custom- built marketing campaigns and impact reports

With both ready-to-launch and customized programs, we’ll amplify your company mission by connecting employees with causes they care about.

Self starter programs

Bronze: 1k+ employees

Quickly launch a purpose-driven program through hassle-free tech and an accessible employee ambassador program.

Curated programs

Silver: 5k+ employees

Reinforce your organization’s CSR strategy with a co-branded employee engagement solution, including program launch support and a webinar series.

Gold: 10k+ employees

Deepen your employee engagement—both online and in-person—with curated speakers, events, marketing campaigns, and ongoing support.

Platinum: 20k+ employees

Maximize employee engagement and strengthen your brand with a fully customized program, including in-depth analytics, media and PR support, and strategic collaboration and planning.

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Connecting Around a Shared Purpose

Drawing from Kiva’s 300+ partnerships, years of research, interviews, and award-winning successes, this report will help you identify ways to infuse your organization’s values and purpose into corporate social responsibility initiatives that create lasting employee engagement.