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Internships with impact

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Kiva is changing lives... join us!

An internship at Kiva gives you 6 months of hands-on learning with an innovative, internationally-recognized nonprofit that has tech startup in its DNA.

With full-time positions available across a range of business units, you'll contribute to meaningful projects in a fast-paced environment. Develop your professional skills, while making lifelong friends.

Kiva Intern - Reed Bongartz

I interned at Kiva to make an impact. I spent a lot of time creating and working with the systems and processes that Kiva’s partners use. From there, it was an easy transition to an operations role at another socially responsible company, Komaza, one of Kiva’s Field Partners in Kenya.
- Reed Bongartz, Portfolio Operations

Kiva interns are all-stars




Kiva Fellow in the field
Kiva Fellow in the field
Kiva Intern - Shin Thu San

Interning at Kiva allowed me to see how a successful nonprofit operates day-to-day. My exposure to policy compliance on the review and translation team taught me a great deal and helped me in my transition to a policy analyst role at Twitter after Kiva.
- Shin Thu San, Review and Translation Program

How will you make a difference?

Teams include:
  • Program Management
  • Marketing
  • Community Support
  • Development
  • Impact Investments
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Mark your calendar

We pack a lot into this structured 6-month program, so interested applicants must be able and willing to commit to the full time period.

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Steps for applying

Apply by submitting your resume and cover letter.


We'll email you to schedule a phone/Skype interview if we move forward with your application.


We consider your skills, experience and interests and work to match them with a need at Kiva.


If we find a potential match, we'll contact you to schedule an in-person (or Skype) interview with the hiring manager for that position.


If the hiring manager sees a fit for their team, you'll be offered an internship position.

Due to the competitive nature of our internships, we recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible. Please note, if you are invited to an in-person interview and are located outside the San Francisco Bay Area, we will schedule an interview with you via Skype.

Meet Kiva's current interns and alumni

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Kiva Fellow in the field
Kiva Fellow in the field
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Frequently asked questions


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